Daily Bulletin

West Iron County Middle School Bulletin for Wednesday, April 25, 2018

High Adventure Crew 9570- Lots of room left on summer trips Remind the students in your classes that Bill Harris’s Summer High Adventure trips are open to all boys 12 years and up and all girls 14 years and up (or 13 but finishing 8th grade this year). We have only 34 kids signed up so far- last year we had 95 at this time of the year. Let the kids know these trips are a lot of fun. Some are more intense than others, but they all go to interesting places. (If they get involved when they are young enough they can end up going to places like Mississippi River, Alaska, Canada, Scotland, Norway when they are older.) The Namekagon River is only a week of canoeing –lots of fishing and swimming(4 nights on the water, the rest at the Clam River Cabin). Colorado Basin will be a bit more intense this year with Bill picking a new route that covers 30 miles of backpacking in 9 days- they will see a lot more mountains. Maine backpacking-driving there through Canada, 4 nights in the White Mountains area backpacking part of the Appalachian trail, then 2 nights on an island in the Atlantic base camping, then exploring the coastline of Maine (lobster, seafood, lighthouses, seals, maybe whales if we are lucky), coming back through Niagara Falls. Isle Royale- much shorter trip this year- more time to explore the areas we are backpacking through. Biking from Cedar Grove across the southern half of WI to Eagle Cave (a van carries the gear). To find out more information they can go to the following website and can always call me or Bill. Bill-920-570-2145 Aneta-920-293-1251 www.hiadventure.eventsmart.com

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